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The 'Aftercare' of a new tattoo is just as important as choosing the artist to do it!  Taking care of the skin after the ink has been placed is relative for a good outcome. 
I have created a balm or salve, for immediate use, which my son who is a tat artist applies as soon as he has finished each session.
Along with the salve, I also created a cleanser and a lotion to work along with the salve.
Each of these products are made with healing essential oils, body butters, a vegetable soap base and goats milk and honey.  Beeswax was used in the salve.  No petroleum products added!!

Natural healing, thanks to the wonders of Mother Earth!

Products can be purchased individually or all together in a kit.  You will only need to use a small amount of each product with each application.  It will go a long way.
The kit of course will provide you with the confidence of knowing these  products are working together to heal your skin.
The product is worth every penny!


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